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Radiology Overview

This department consists of a highly qualified and experienced team of Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists and Technologists, backed by new generation, state-of-the-art equipment capable of delivering precise doses of radiation accurately to the tumour with minimum damage to normal tissues. The department is one of the leading centres in the field of Brachytherapy in the country and is amongst very few offering this therapy for prostate cancer patients.

Manipal Radiology Features

Manipal Hospital Salem ensures that the best facilities and care is always delivered with exceptional precision. We have the best of doctors, in every field, focused on excelling themselves with superior care, through their expert knowledge.

Manipal Hospitals Salem is a name synonymous to emergency care in this part of the country. With the largest number of ICU beds among all the public & private hospitals in the state, Manipal Hospitals Salem is the most preferred destination.

Our Treatment and procedures is patient centric, it provides excellent continuity of care and wishing. Which is in line with the ethos of Manipal Hospitals; the credo of its triad of core values are "Clinical Excellence, Patient Centricity and Ethical Practices".

Dr. Jayaraman R N-Radiology
Dr. Jayaraman R N

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