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Manipal Hospitals Salem conducted first Micro Surgery for Facial Stroke under Medtronic Real Time Neuro Monitoring System

Manipal Hospitals Salem conducted first Micro Surgery for Facial Stroke under Medtronic Real Time Neuro Monitoring System

Salem, June 20, 2016: Manipal Hospitals Salem becomes the first Hospital in the northern region of Tamil Nadu across the districts of Salem, Erode, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri district to have performed the first Micro Surgery for facial stroke under real time Neuro monitoring system The Patient a 50 year old lady from Mettur, Mrs. Thangammal developed severe twitching involving left side of the face leading to closing of eyes and turning of face towards the left side along with difficulty in speaking swallowing and keeping the head straight.

Facial stroke is a condition which causes sudden intermittent twitching of face leading to closer of the eyes and deviation of the face. The condition makes the patient disable momentarily leading to difficulty in swallow and constantly turned face to one side. The condition is most commonly caused by abnormal location of a very critical blood vessels supplying the brain being in touch with the facial nerve leading to constant intermittent twitching of the face. The condition is curable only by surgical separation of the blood vessels away from the nerve without damaging both the blood vessels and the nerve. The condition can be temporally controlled with medicines and injection of botulinm toxins into the mussels of the face in cases where it is extremely dangerous for the patients to undergo surgery due to multiple health reasons including heart condition or on some medication like blood thinners. Surgery provides the only solution to cure the condition or atleast provide a long term relief. Surgery requires extreme expertise, training and high learning curve to achieve success

Since last 2 years this patient has been consulting many neurologist in Coimbatore and Salem along with the Neuro surgeons and detected to have a vital blood vessels deep inside the brain compressing the nerve leading to this situation. She has been advised injection on the face to control the symtoms which is of no relief and also has been told a surgical interference to keep the blood vessel away from the nerve is the only solution but the surgery carries high risk of permanent paralysis of the face, arm and leg along with risk to life. She walked into Manipal Hospital Neuro Surgery OPD of Dr. Amit Sekhar after hearing about successful outcome of other patients undergone surgery in Manipal Hospital Salem by the same doctor

Dr. Amit Sekhar consultant – Head – Dept of Neuro Surgery said that after examining the patient suggested that the surgery is the only chance to cure and provide long term disability free survival without medicines and injections. The surgery was done under Real Time Intra Operative Nerve Monitoring System along with operating microscope and successfully the offending vessels has been separated from the nerve and Teflon patch has been placed between the nerve and the blood vessel and reinforced with artificial tissue glue. Dr. Amit Sekhar again said that this particular condition is very critical as there is always a chance of damage to the deep brain structure responsible for consciousness and function of the face and arms. It was possible to give a successful outcome because of constant Neuro monitoring available during the surgery which helps and alerts the surgeon whenever the critical structure are in danger during the procedure thus avoiding a lethal complications as well as permanent disability

At Manipal Hospital Salem the availability of Latest technology and infrastructure and constant presence of highly qualified and reputed Neuro anaesthetists Dr. Vishwanathan, Dr. Sowmya, Dr. Vijaykumar has helped tremendously to achieve successful outcome after a critical surgery. Now the patient has completely recovered and without any medicines and with constant followup

“Manipal Hospitals, Salem established in 2007, is the first of its kind super specialty corporate hospital with 120 Beds in this region. Being an only tertiary care hospital in the district, it is known for its high end Neuro surgical capabilities and Trauma management. The hospital offers super-specialty procedures and has a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities aiming to provide comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. Currently, there are about 90 doctors in the hospital inclusive of Fulltime Consultants and Visiting Consultants. The unit has been empanelled under National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions (NABH) and also achieved the Transplant License by Tamil Nadu Government.

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