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Today, doctors are using computerized technologies that are familiar to people in the consumer world to help find the target lesion like tumor and the target location in the operating room. An important example of that application is image guided surgery (IGS) and it helps surgeons perform safer and less invasive procedures and remove brain tumors that were once considered inoperable due to their size and/or location it also helps reaching a desired target precisely without causing undue damage to surrounding tissue

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Manipal Hospitals Salem becomes the first Hospital in the northern region of Tamil Nadu across the districts of Salem, Erode, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri district to have performed the first Micro Surgery for facial stroke under real time Neuro monitoring system The Patient a 50 year old lady from Mettur, Mrs. Thangammal developed severe twitching involving left side of the face leading to closing of eyes and turning of face towards the left side along with difficulty in speaking swallowing and keeping the head straight.

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